Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stop blaming us

It's absurd that TCB's voters are blaming TJS & even his voters. TJS had managed to garner 1/4 of Singaporeans' votes in a short span of 9 days. 529,732 (25.4%) is a sizeable number & it's unreasonable to demand that all of us switched sides.

I had thought about swinging my vote to the one that's more popular too. But you saw for yourself, the difference between TCB's & TJS's votes was a mere 9.81%. Online polls & rally showed TJS leading but yet on the ground was another story. None of us had an inkling on how the votes would swing.

And so I decided to go with my candidate of choice. I didn't choose TJS only for the sake of choosing an opposition, nor was I daft enough to be lured by his 'promises' without knowing what our constitution calls for. I read whatever I can lay hands on & watched every interview just so to be sure. I believed in what TJS stood for, just as you all had believed in what TCB stood for. I stand by my vote even though the result is as such. I did what I thought was best. Respect my vote as I had yours.

Both you & I had started out with the same vision & we had a common enemy. So why the finger pointing now? If you really must find someone to blame, blame the 37k who can't make up their mind & blame the 35.19% who were too short-sighted to see.

Tougher days ahead are looming & now is not the time to be divided.

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