Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our 1st family trip - Genting Highlands :)

Just got back from a holiday from the US but before I can post up pics from the trip, I just had to post these 1st. Its been sitting around in my Picnik folder for the longest time.

Other than the last time, we all travelled to UK & Czech for Uniz's wedding. We very rarely had a chance to travel together as a family. This trip to Genting Highlands was one truly rare moment. A moment that I so cherish. Albeit it's just to our neighbouring country, it's a destination that serves all of us well. Dad gets his share of entertainment & we get ours, meeting each other at mealtimes only when necessary :p Hee …….

I'm so hoping that we can make it to visit Uniz end of this year. I'm in dire need of another holiday.

We arrived just before daybreak & got rewarded with the most glorious view from our hotel - Resort Hotel

Meg's great pics
Off to the arcade for some fun
Then it's to the theme park
With Leto around to hog her limelight, Meg's much more amenable to posing for the camera :p
I don't think I'll ever go on the Death Drop again!

Before/After - the pic says it all

My darling god-daughter :D

Had both our dinner & breakfast in Ah Yat. Yumz!
I'm so missing Uniz, Rene & Leto :(
Missing my hair colour too! :p

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