Friday, June 26, 2009

A wasted June holiday

Sheesh ....... is it almost a month already? I remembered rejoicing at the start of the month that it's school holidays. I had so many plans laid out for Meg & I to spend some bonding time together. And now that holiday is coming to an end, I realised that I did nought with her. I'm sooo guilty!

All I can remember about this month is work, more work and ferrying Meg to & fro her speech therapy sessions. Work is at it's worst and so was the home situation with the maid. Those who had followed me on Facebook & Twitter will know what I'm talking about. Anyway I'm in between maids now and I couldn't be happier without that maid. Although it means that I've got an additional load on top of that back-breaking one I already have.

And of course, my heaviest load is Meg. But thank goodness for Ken, he's been keeping the princess well-entertained while I busied with work. Not only Ken, but Marilyn (in the process, Edmund too :p) had been roped in to baby-sit as well. She even helps chauffeur Meg to her therapy sessions! Then there's my sis Erycka who doubles up as a cook when Meg is in need of lunch. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many who loves me. Thank you all so much, I'm forever indebted.

Meg has been a great kid too. She knows that I'm busy and tries her best to keep out of my way. And now without the maid, she enthusiastically helps me around the house without complaining. I guess it's good to train her up a little. For a girl who's been used to waited on hands & foot, she now knows to separate the blacks & the coloured during laundry. She knows not to wash the towels with the clothes. When I'm at work, she loads up the machine on her own. And when it's done washing, she ropes Ken in to help her hang the clothes to dry. Meg's also in-charge of feeding Woofie and she sometimes washes the dishes (without supervision). I'm so proud of my little big girl!

To make it up to her, I really do want to do some of the stuffs that I had initially planned with her. But for now ............ my Everest mountain pile of ironing awaits :p

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