Monday, September 15, 2008

Am I back? I hope so.

I had thought that I had given up blogging for good.

During the past month, I gave up blogging and I even gave up taking photos. The camera was abandoned and I had even forgotten the photos left behind in the camera's memory. Each time I sat in front of my PC, I logged in to blogger. Then after a minute or two of pondering, I logged out. It was simply too demanding and soon after, I stopped logging in completely. And after that, it was quite easy to pretend my blog never existed.

My family and I celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival today. We had barbecue and even lit the corridor with lanterns. This is the Mid-Autumn Festival before Erycka goes to London to work and the Mid-Autumn Festival after the unforgettable one we had celebrated in Czech Republic. This is the Mid-Autumn Festival that made me realise Grandma had been gone for almost a year. This is the Mid-Autumn Festival that made me realise we had missed celebrating Grandma's last Mid-Autumn Festival last year because we were all in Czech.

This is the Mid-Autumn Festival that made me want to take photos again. To capture everything in sight so that I can blog it and freeze it in time - MY MEMORIES IMMORTALIZED.

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