Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Both Kelly and Andrew had already blogged about Ken's birthday celebration, so it seems I am the last :p My morale at work has been at an all time low and this is seriously affecting the way I am doing things. I can't seem to be enthusiastic about anything (even blogging) and all I want to do are mindless stuffs to while my time away. I am also procrastinating big time as well. Anyway I had better snap out of it soon or this is going to grow so big and swallow me whole :(

Enough said ......... Lots of pictures to show all of you.

My mum gave Ken an early birthday treat in Sakae Sushi
Meg is impressively completely hooked on Salmon Sashimi
Happily enjoying her sashimi
Mum & Meg
All of us love Japanese food
Happy happy family
Both of them love making fun of each other
Trying out a new angle :p
Taking Zijian's ride to the Singapore Flyer
We thought it's a great idea to take the Singapore Flyer as part of Ken's birthday celebration
Stole this off Andrew's FB
Check out Meg's elated expression. She's been pestering to ride the Singapore Flyer ever since the construction started. Finally wish come true!
And I stole this off Kelly's FB ........
We're a good -looking family, ain't we? Haha ........
My 2 dearest darlings
We never leave Princess Meow Meow out from our outings
Meg's getting real grown up now
The guys - Edmund, Zijian, Kenneth, Andrew & Chang
NDP rehearsal in progress
Loving you so much sweetheart. Hope you enjoyed yourself on that day :D
A very big thank you to Marilyn for helping me arrange the birthday celebration. *muacks*
Gorgeous view
The bestest friends that anyone can ask for
Now ladies turn to take a pic - Meg, Moi, Kelly, Marilyn & Celine
Group pic! A bunch of really great friends.
They're so sweet together
Both Kelly & Mar dotes a lot on Meg & never fails to make her feel important when we go out.
Actually so does Edmund. I think they will be terrific parents. I so can't wait to see them have their own kids!
Meg loves taking pictures of Princess Meow Meow
Meg took this pic but says it failed cos Meow Meow not looking at the camera -_-""
Says this is better but still not good enough. Only Kelly & Mar are 'crazy' enough to go through all these with her.
Meg enjoyed her ride thoroughly especially with Mar & Kelly to accompany her
Realised that they had Build-a-Bear Workshop there & decided to fluff Meow Meow up. Meg complains that she's getting too soft.
Mar & Ed couldn't resist & got a cute top for their precious 'Burger'
Meow Meow bought a new set of clothing too. Just gotta love her Hello Kitty panties!
Birthday dinner in Hanabi @ Vivo City
Meg's official baby sitter
It was intended to be a surprise but as usual we were unable to outwit him.
Meg refused to budge & insisted on sitting in front
A great night with great friends
I love this little imp
Yummy strawberry shortcake from Four Leaves - Ken loves strawberries
Love is all around ........
Ken's photophobic so he had a hard time with so many cameras focusing on him
Birthday pressie from all of us
A good-looking watch from Emporio Armani
Thank you everyone for making this night a memorable one
Decided to chill out @ 1 Rochester after dinner
Contented to just stay happy like this forever
Meg was getting very bored
Actually so was I, thus decided to ............
Celebrated Ken's & his grandma's birthday
Uncle Thomas bought this beautiful dress from Vietnam for Meg
Instructed Meg to hold Ken's nephew but she believes resting that hand on his shoulder will suffice
Treated Ken to a Korean BBQ in Suntec on his actual birthday
Both of them likes to come up with funny stuffs
Lovely cake baked by Aunty Mary
Meg insisted on coming up with unusual poses
Happy birthday once again sweetie & may all your wishes come true! We love you! *muacks*

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